Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things i find cute about Him

  • He influences me for having fried chicken as often as he does.
  • His smiling face every time he picks me up.
  • His thoughts somehow amazed me!
  • His He loves going to new places.
  • He loves his dogs (sometimes more than me & he doesn't clean his nails after scratching the dogs, ouch).
  • His limit only 2 hours maximal for shopping (that's sad because usually i still have many things i wanna see)
  • He went through the crazy crowd with me in Old China town, even though he might a little bit mind.
  • He is a caring person.
  • He cares whether i'm dying of starving or not, at my house.
  • He provides me raisin, can foods, oat crackers, bread and biscuits so i can survive during my lazy time to go out to get food.
  • He cares what i have in my each meal everyday, but the worst part is he   often forces me to eat so much, like a mean mother to her child.
  • He always cares if i work overtime too much.
  • He cares whether i get home early or late.
  • He accepts all my moody times, all my bites and my scratchs.
  • He is good at cheering up my day and erase all my pains.
  • He tries his best to make me happy everyday.
  • The way he makes joke can always make me laugh.
  • The way he closes his eyes with afraid expression every time he thinks i might want to scratch him or hit him when my fingers are close to his face (sometimes i just wanna touch his face, anyway).
  • He insisted that i may not fall asleep at the Premier-Theater (my first time & it's really comfy that caused me so sleepy)
  • He took me to a place at our first time meeting and started to chat like our first date (hmm that's a very first time where we were still acting awkwardly to each other and also so shy).
  • He is my very best friend and also my lover.

He just cute the way he is and loving him make my life more lively. So, as the new year begins this year let it rhymes a love song and dance our hearts' beat together in the same rhythm until we grow old together.

Jakarta, January 2014

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