Monday, June 16, 2014

A Collection of Miracle Stories and Magical Moments

"Do you believe in miracles?"
If anyone ask me that question, i will show them how miracles work in my life and also in their life. 
When we really believe in something, we put our hopes and dreams together in what we believe, we also need to maintain our positive minds and efforts to reach our goals. So, i definitely can say that we're are now welcoming miracles work daily in our life, because miracles work in very unique ways.

"Do you believe in magical moments?"
Yes, i have seen and i have experienced them. Only those who believe and experience it will understand the beauty of magical moments. We must continue to polish ourselves to listen to our inner voice instead of feeling.

"How about beautiful dream?"
This one need efforts, strong spirits and supports. Have faith and believe God has plan for us through all of our hard work. I have had one and I have lost one but I will keep fighting for the best one.

"What a beautiful life means?"
If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on his shoulder, hold him close to me and answer with a smile, Like this. 

"Is true love exists?"
I have always been skeptical in my life before, but as I grew stronger in faith, God has opened my eyes to see that i was only dust until i put myself into His greatest Love and power. He has bestowed me with grace, mercy and a chance to find my real love. And I'm so thankful for what He has gave me. A true love to make me believe that is truly exist and i feel ashamed of my former self in doubting His grace.

"How to overcome problems and doubts to make sure this love we have right now is a real true love?"
Human's brain works in a very strange ways, sometimes it is just so wild that we don't even understand ourselves. When we disappointed about something or someone it usually leads us to emotional feeling and hurtful feeling. Then, we're doubting in what we're doing whether it's going to the right way? whether we're together with the right one? There is only one key to this solution, surrender to God's will. Pray and God, Himself, will lead you. Because I have passed that phase a year ago. I've seen too many signs and guidance which's telling me that he's my only one. What we have here is 'true love" as everyone wishes to have. So, today and forever i will always stand still to fight through out any obstacles. This has been our promise to each other; "When you fall i will catch you". And i will always able to catch him and show him our happy life awaits and welcome us in every moment we're holding hands.

Never stop believing. Syu, Jakarta, 17 June 2014

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