Monday, May 5, 2014

Talking to May

Hello May, How are you? Nice to see you again! You always bring the warmest sun every year to warm my world, colorful flowers to paint my world and also good aroma therapy to heal my heart.
Now, i'm so excited to share my story with you again. My happy story, my unique story and my own story about how love can make me grow stronger, better, loving and more hopeful everyday. Love is something never fails. So, May, do you wanna hear what i love about him? Here we go and I hope each of them can bring out the smile to your face and then please whisper them to his ears, so he can see my sincerity clearly.
I love him for his goodness that never fails to put a smile on my face.
I love him for being listener and advice giver or punching bag when i'm frustrated or upset. 
I love him for laid back character that calm my nerve.
I love him for being everything that i am lacking.
I love him for his caring soul. 
I love him for when he holds me, i feel like i'm home.
Real love is something we do. It is not a feeling; it is not primarily (or even secondarily) something we feel. Real love is about being loving much more than being loved. But to be genuinely loving requires a lot of personal growth and inner rewiring on our part. It takes effort—real effort. It’s not easy. If becoming more loving were easy, then everyone would be doing it.
Real Love requires that we confront and deal with and even overcome our own laziness, irrational fears, tendency to get bored easily, tendency to be impulsive and reactive, tendency to think in discursive ways, tendency to not to want to think (thinking criticially and deeply, after all, takes effort.  One of the biggest pains to deal with in life is the pain of a new idea. Thinking widely and honestly and deeply is not something that most of us want to do, let alone embrace).
Well, May, you see? I have grown up! you see how blissful i'm standing here today? love really give strength to everyone. And you always be my best listener ever, i'll talk to you again real soon. 

Jakarta, 5 May 2014