Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Unicorn or A Popcorn

Am I not well, that my eyes are telling me to always clean up?
Am I not well, that my mind takes me to think a lot?
Am I not well, that my soul worries so much for life?
Am I really not well till you called me sick? 

Am I not well, that swing mood follows me?
Am I not well, that I let my mind fools me?
Am I not well, that I run away to hide myself.
Am I really not well? you said i need a break.

Or.. Am I just a little too well?
I clean up because i am a neat person
My mind helps me to think more about future.
Anxiety helps me stay alert and strong.

Yes, swing mood is something needed to be changed, i'm working on it
Right, my mind needs to be occupied with sweet life motivation so i can rejoice
Communicate is something I am really not good at, someone has to lead me
Ah yes, a break is helpful but most all, good sleep is all i need

And also a softly voice,
A loving hug,
A tender kiss, 
And you, to be right here.

Am i not well or just a little too well, that i agree to exchange a unicorn for you on Christmas? 
Even though you probably exchange me for a Popcorn

The Unicorn, Jakarta 21 Dec 2014 

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